Military and Domestic hook up wires and all types of cables using Military and Domestic wires, multi conductor control cables and multi pair or combination cables. We have a wide variety of standard and non-standard wire that can be cabled, shielded, and jacketed.

Custom printing is available on all cables.

Types of Jackets:

1. All types of PVC
2. Polyethylene
3. New Type #12 Nylon
4. Polyurethane

Types of Shielding:

1. Braiding Tin & Bare Copper & Copper Weld
2. Spiral Shielding
3. Conductive PVC
4. Conductive Polyethylene
5. All types of Aluminum Mylar
6. Copper Mylar Tapes

Types of Wire Insulation:

1. All types of PVC
2. Nylon, all Electrical Grades
3. Polyethylene, Low & High Density
4. Linear Low Density
5. Polypropylene cable

Mor-Wire & Cable, Inc. can supply equivalent cables to most all cable manufacturers catalogs. Mor-Wire & Cable, Inc. brings over forty years experience in the customer wire & cable industry. We work for quality wire, low minimum order and on time delivery.

We will be glad to talk to your engineering people to help to design a cable that can better suit your needs.